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Currently, The only approved BPS licensed breeding stallion in USA is 


standing at Excalibur Horses, California


BPS STALLIONS of the World

Each year our association is organizing information received by mid March. The purpose of the information received is for stallions which meet our Breeding Ideal or a contribution to the achievement of our Breeding Ideal, is to register the collected information into the breeding books. The stallions are classified into 3 different classes; 

 --class BP (stallions that meet our Breeding Ideal), 

 --class FB (stallions with less than 75% of extraneous blood but not Pinto),

 --class XX (stallions with more than 75% of extraneous blood).

Approved Breeding Stallions -Barock Pinto Studbook

The Barock pinto Stud book has 2 types of Approved Breeding Stallions. Approved Stallions  which are approved as BarockPinto and Studs that can contribute  to our Breeding Objectives.
For example, the stud ISAM BP 01 XX. The figures XX means the  stud is not a Barock Pinto stud, but one that can contribute to our breed objectives.
All approved Stallions of recognized Stud books are also recognized by our Studbook.   In the Netherlands we recognize Approved stallions  of the AES, KWPN, NRPS and IHW Studbooks.  If you wish us to consider a Stallion from other Countries,  then the stud must have been approved in a European Union Studbook. 
Only foals of accepted Stallions are registered in the foal book.
The BP Studbook will also consider Friesian Star Stallions for breeding with a maximum 10 mares per year.  We accept these Studs till 2015 for our Breed Objective. The offspring of these stallions are registered in the Foalbook, regardless that the Studs, themselves, may not have proven 3 generational pedigrees. They are issued a breeding license for 2 years. They must show a minimum of  5 offspring, which 50% obtain first and second premiums.  Their breeding licenses can be extended another 2 years, with a maximum of 25 mares.  The Stallion's registration show a suffix S .

The new breeding values of all stallions whose progeny tested are now available on our website: Click Here


BP Stallions:


Century D'Aime BP01

Cool Willow Spring BP02

Bonte Piet BP03

Peter BP04

Marko BP05

Martijn BP06

Bart BP07

Doerak BP08

Johannes BP09

Maurits BP10


FB Stallions


Baron fan Odingastate BP01FB

Menneke BP02FB

Diaz BP03FB

Gerrit BP04FB



XX Stallions


Isam BP01XX

King BP02XX

Colorance BP 03XX 

James Bont Jr BP04XX

Ceasar ter Linden BP05XX

Bontfire BP06XX

Nanko BP07XX

Winnetou BP08XX

Botticelli BP09XX

Abgotts Comanche BP10XX

Bernstein BP11XX

Dylon BP12XX

Don A'Parte M. BP13XX

Lanos BP14XX

Bojek BP15XX

Ster Stallions

(permission to breed)

Castor Ster01XX

As We Wish Ster2XX

Timo Jan Ster 03FB

Udo v. Bouwhuis Ster04FB

Apollo Ster 05XX

Grippen Ster06XX

Koo Ster07FB

Rieuwerd Jack Ster09VBXX

Volmer B. Ster10FB

Lotti Ster11BP

Harry Ster12BP

Pieter Ster14FB

Merlin Ster15VBXX

Wait N See Ster16XX

Remy Ster17XX

At Topspeed Jesse v. Knedo Ster18XX

Elias Ster19BP

Hercules Ster20BP

Approved Stallions

(Recognized for Bp studbook)

Willem v. Nassau


Crocodile Dundee

Poeh Poeh

Commanders Fame & Fortune