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The BarockPinto Studbook (Pinto Friesian) was started in 2009 as an official Association that will work Internationally.  The registration of the horses in the studbook will be done in the Netherlands.  All studbook rules and regulations will be adhered to by the Association. The BPS has been recognized by the European Union, the Mother Studbook.  BPS will be striving to produce quality and quantity of this horse standard. Our first keuring & subsequent years was well attended and very successful.  All horses that exhibited our breeding goals were written into Barock Pinto Studbook.


Stamboek has 4 registries.


         Auxiliary  1:    Both parents are unknown.

                                     Auxiliary  2:    Sire and Dam are known.

                                     Auxiliary  3:    Parents and Grandparents are known.

                                     Foalbook:        3 generations are known



The  percentage of non-Friesian blood shown on the papers is in  3 Classes

Klasse 1:   25% or less non-Friesian blood

    Klasse 2:   50 - 24.99 %    non-Friesian blood

 Klasse 3:   25 - 49.99 %  non-Friesian blood

Coming ...BPSusa STALLION SHOW & Keuring! (Sept 26, 2013  San Francisco, CA)

All Stallions whose genetics may supply us with our breeding goal should come forward. We are looking for Pinto Stallions with or without Friesian blood; or stallions with extra quality (with Friesian blood) for approved stallions.

If you have questions or have a stallion of interest for our studbook, please  contact Susan 707-746-5250;  e-