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The BP Stamboek has 4 different testings/keurings named stallion, gelding, mare and foal keurings (judging).

Stallion Keuring/Judging:

The Stallion testing/keuring has 3 rounds. 
1st Round-- street exterior/movement. 
2nd Round-- Free movement.
3rd Round-- Movement in hand.
 A year after approval, the Stud must take an IBOP test for the information for the breeders.
We do not believe in yearly conformation or offspring tests to unapprove the Stud, as other studbooks apply;  as a stud that does not breed or perform well, will not be used by future breeders.   The Stud,  however, must pass a clinical veterinary exam and be free from hereditary deficiencies. 
Minimum height  158 cm.
For a Breeding Stallion to qualify, the Stud must  be registered in our studbook and satisfy  the percentage Friesian blood and have sufficient Pinto color The father must be approved at an acknowledged studbook. The mother line must be minimum 3 generations confirmed. The Stallion testing commission is designated by the AB and exists from minimum 3 and maximum 5 members.

Mare/Gelding Keuring:
The mare testing/keuring has 3 rounds.
1st round --street exterior/movement. 
2nd Round-- Free movement.
3rd Round-- Movement in hand.
3rd Round in hand-- is placed with results.

A score of minimum 35 points and maximum 1 movement irregularity will allow a mare to be registered in the Studbook.
If the mare scores lower than 4 on a certain component , she is not registered in the studbook.
The mare gets the status STAR if she scores minimum 40 points and on the basis of movement with no irregularities. 

Minimum height Studbook   153 cm.
Minimum height Ster   155 cm.
Minimum  2 to maximum 3 jury members who have been designated by the AB. 

Foal Keuring:
The foal keuring has 1 round.
1st premium - foal scores minimum 40 and no component score less than 6.
2nd premium - foal scores minimum 38 and no component score less than 6.
3rd premium - foal scores minimum 35 and no component score less than 5. 
No premium - foal scores less 35 points and has a component score less than 2.
Minimum 2 and maximum 3 jury members designated by the Board.

The horses are classified in the keuring (Friesian Blood percentage)