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In testing the horses, we can gain several predicates. The horses selected for these predicates gain added value and become very important to our studbook to reach our future breeding goals.


Predicate Studbook and Ster
A score of minimum 35 points and maximum 1 negative score not  lower than 5.5 - 4,   will allow a mare to be registered in the Studbook. walk, trot, canter, breed type, conformation, quality of legs 
If the mare scores lower than 4 on a certain component-- walk, trot, canter, breed type, conformation, quality of legs --, she is not registered in the studbook.
The mare gets the status STAR if she scores minimum 40 points and no score lower than 5.5 on the walk, trot or canter. 

Minimum height Studbook   153 cm.
Minimum height Ster   155 cm.
Minimum  2 to maximum 3 jury members who have been designated by the BPS Board. 

Elite Mare
Mare must first have a Star predicate 
Mare must have a positive IBOP test  (minimum 60 points).  Beginning B dressage.
The horse must have a min score of 60 in riding in the following components, walk, trot, canter, 

transitions and conformation as dressage horse. Components of walk, trot and canter count twice. 
Min. height 158 cm.
The horse must  score minimum 45 points on the  driving test with the following components,  

walk, trot, (how look on the bit etc--Look up term), harness suitability, and transitions 
Both in the dressage test and driving  test there can be no mistakes in the basic movement, walk & trot.
Elite mares must pass a  clinical veterinary  exam  before they can receive the predicate ELITE. 

Foal Keuring:
The foal keuring has 1 round.
1st premium - foal scores minimum 40 and no component score less than 6.
2nd premium - foal scores minimum 38 and no component score less than 6.
3rd premium - foal scores minimum 35 and 1 component score not less than 5. 
No premium - foal scores less 35 points and has 2 component score not less than 5.
Minimum 2 and maximum 3 jury members designated by the AB.
The horses are classified in the keuring (Friesian Blood percentage)

Predicate SPORT
The horse gets the status SPORT if the horse is dressage classified Z1 plus 5 winning points or drives.  

The horse may also earn status SPORT  in Saddle Seat.

Earned by means of a point system.
Foal with a 1st Premium - 1 point
Ster mare/stallion/gelding -3 point.
Approved Stud -5 point.
With  15 points the mare is Preferent.

Predicate PRESTATIE (performance offspring)
Earned by means of a point system.
Offspring - 5 points.
Offspring IBOP (minimum 60 points)  -2 points.
 15 points = Mare receives the Prestatie title.

A breeding stallion can earn the preferent predicate in our point system.   Just  250 points and he can earn his preferent status
Foal - 1st Premium - 1 point.
Ster Mare - 3 points
IBOP  --2 points
Sport --5 points
Breeding Stallion --25 points