Excalibur Friesians

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Our Facility

Although these are the gates into Graceland, those of you that know us, 

know that we are Elvis admirers here and afar...........

"Welcome to Our World"

A Happy Customer   

Ranch Dog extraordinaire-Japanese Spitz-The dog for Today's Busy Lifestyles

Our idea of running with the horses..."running to go get the camera for that perfect pic for you.....







Note Ash's feet on the ground, all 4 of the stallions NOT-

they like to SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL at the barn 

( Elvis tunes?), but under control-- ABSOLUTELY!

Stallion Manners are important at my place so that even my 

daughter, UC Davis student,  Ashley can handle them--and she does it so well!

              We also  have a barn in Holland, where I travel, to attend Keurings (judgings), shows, 

watch the progress of our horses in training, go horse shopping, 

and of course see our approved FPS stallion TIETSE 428!    


My Netherlands horse shopping partner-Arnold in front of Elvis' pasture in Graceland

But come see us, either in California or join us on one of our many trips to the Netherlands...........