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Stallion Selection


Stallions are approved on the basis of Pedigree, its own performance during the Stallion testing and IBOP or by means of the shortened test
Stallion must have a minimum 3 registered generations,  minimum 25% Friesian blood,  sufficient black and white Pinto color. The stud must gain minimum 42 points If a stud did not score 42 points, he may be approved with limited breedings. 
The DNA of the stud must be on file.
The stud must be sufficient in Pinto color, minimum 2 spots on the body (head and legs not counted) with each spot size minimum of 10cm
The Stallion may have no hereditary defects.
If a stud does not satisfy to the desired percentage Friesian blood but can made a large contribution to our Breeding Objectives, then he may be approved by our Studbook.  He must have extra added value, i.e.  unique blood  (low inbreeding) or quality. The Stallion will have a limited breeding privilege of 25 mares for up to 2 years and are always approved. After minimum 20 offspring are inspected and who has a  minimum 50% first and second premiums will approve the Stallion for unlimited breedings. These Stallions are registered with suffix XX.
The Stud book also considers a STAR Stallion after keuring for maximum 10 mares per year. We accept these stallions till 2015 for our Breeding Objective, even if they do not have a complete verified 3 generational pedigree The offspring of these stallions are registered in the FoalBook.  They get a breeding license for 2 years. They must show a mimum of 5 offspring who obtain 50% 1st & 2nd Premiums.  Breeding  license is extended  2 years  and is raised to maximum 25 mares. Stallion get as a suffix S


KING being inspected at  BPS home keuring.                    Peter becoming approved at Central Keuring Netherlands 2012