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Here you will find all the latest news from our Studbook.  check back often as we update this page weekly. 


Date Stallion Testing > Click here for more info


First Barock Pinto Studbook keuring a great success!! > click here photos & results


HOME KEURING!    In September we begin with the Home Keurings.  Start with emailing the name of your horse, microchip number, height, your name, address, and telephone number.  Cost for Home Keuring is listed under Keuring Link.


On several forums it is mentioned that Bonte Bart has been approved for our Studbook. This stud has NOT been inspected/Approved by our Studbook. but breeds by another studbook, which has been crossed with some Friesian Blood & claims to be Barock Pinto.  This stud (and)  these Studbooks are not accepted by our Stud book since of these stallions have  NO Proven breeding lines; some with FALSE  Pedigrees !!!   Foals of these Studs can be registered in our Studbook, however, in the VoorBook 1.   If these Stallions are inspected by our Studbook the foals can be upgraded and registered in the Voorboek 2.

Two Stallions have been approved for our Breeding service:  The KWPN stallions ISAM and  KING  . Both are 50% Warmblood and from the breeding line of Tina D.  -Mother of KWPN Approved Pinto Stallion.  Both Stallions are older but are in great breeding shape.   Clik here for more info>