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 Faqs/Frequently asked Questions


Our Studbook receives many questions; following are the most commonly asked ones.  If your answer is not here, 

please feel free to phone or email with your concerns


Can I request my Pinto Stallion be judged for approval in the BPS?

Yes, until 2015 we will accept stallions with our breeding objectives, that are registered in an EU studbook 


or other EU studbook) will be approved 

in the BP Studbook.

The Stallions must have sufficient quality for the basis of our breeding objectives

Stallions that have been approved do not have to be re-inspected.


I have a Friesian Foalbook (vb) mare, Can I take her to the keuring to be entered into the BP Studbook?

Yes, all mares that represent the breeding goals of the BP Studbook, may be keured to be entered into the BP Studbook. 

Naturally, BPS would like information from these mares for future data in our breeding programs.  

Mares that have titles/predicates in other studbooks keep those predicates in the BPS, but may be keured 

to increase their title with the BPS.  


I have a pinto mare that is registered in another registry, Can I register her in your registry/studbook?

Yes.  All horses that are registered by another European Studbook, can be accepted into the BP Studbook.


I have a mare without papers, can she register with the BPS?

Mares of which ancestry is not proven, may be entered into the BP Studbook under VoorBook 1 until 2015, 

after they have been inspected.  Once a year a day is set aside for such inspections.


Can a Tinker be registered in the BPS?

No,  a BP horse is a combination of Friesian and Warmblood.  The minimal Friesian blood is 25% and a maximum is 87.50% 


Can a Friesian Stallion be registered?

Our preference goes to Approved Friesian stallions, Pinto or BP approved stallions. But the BPS money like other studbooks, 

the more popular the stallion, the better the selection.  Foals of an unapproved Friesian 

Stallion would be registered in the Voorbook 3, after DNA testing. 


Can I register a Pinto Stallion?

All Stallions that have been approved by an acknowledged Studbook, can be entered into our studbook.  

The BPS recognizes nearly all studbooks that keep accurate reliable records. The foals from un approved 

stallions can be registered in the Voorbook 3, 2, or  1.  


Do I have to do DNA testing?

Yes, every horse which is bred, must do a DNA profile.  This is to accurately show the mother, 

father and descendents. 

This small cost is an investment in the future.  All approved stallions are already DNA tested and thus 

the cost is for the Mare-E45


I bred a foal that was born without Pinto markings?

Not to worry, a  black foal can be used for its breeding lines, and be registered and take part in the keurings. 

The breeding objective is to breed Barock Pinto horses (Pinto Friesians) and sometimes several steps are

 necessary to obtain the end result of our breeding objectives.  A black foal can still carry the genes of the 

Pinto color, and thus is still important for the registry. 


Can a Pinto Stallion with more than 87.50% Friesian blood be approved?

Our breeding objective is that horses have between  25% to 87.50% Friesian blood. A Pinto stallion with more 

than 87.50% would be limited in his breeding to non Friesian mares,  

keeping the offspring below the 87.50%


What stallions qualify for approval in the BP Stamboek?

All Stallions with black and white pinto color can register in the in the Foalbook with a minimum 

of  25% Friesian blood.

All Stallions can be  registered in the Foalbook with a minimum 

of 3 confirmed generations. 

 A Pinto father must have a minimum of 3 generations registered in either a Warmblood or Pinto Studbook.


I have a Pinto Stallion with no papers, can I breed him? 

Yes you can. We prohibit no one from breeding with a stallion, but if you want to register his offspring, 

you should first have him inspected and his DNA blood test done.   His DNA profile and that 

of his offspring would be fixed and the start of generation pedigree confirmed.


My horse has no registration but is micro chipped and has a passport, can I register?

The horse must be keured/inspected to see if it satisfies the breed type to be registered in the BP Studbook. 


Which studbooks does the BPS recognize?

In Netherlands, we recognize the KWPN, NRPS , KFPS and AES studbooks for our breeding.  

Stallions from other countries must be approved from a studbook that European Union (EU) recognizes.