Tietse's Choice Bridles

Cavaletti has designed may types of Friesian bridles.  All have been manufactured according to the highest

 standards of the Tietse Choice line of Friesian tack, with only the best choices of leather, splendidly finished

 to the minor details.



Tietse Choice Head Stalls/Bridles


Unique to our bridles is the fastening pieces, which allow adjustments on top of the head, 

so that the number of fasteners on the the side of the head is restricted to minimum. This gives not only a

 more sleek appearance to the head of your Friesian, but is also  more pleasant for the horse and prevents

 annoying rub marks.


The broad nose band has been made of the strong padded leathers and are very comfortable for the horse.

 The dressage reins have been  provided with stops.  so that they no longer slide by your hands. Both the 

supports and the functional pieces are doubled stitched and secured to the bit.


THE T.C. Bridles are available in several standard colors to match the TC saddles.  If purchased together with the

saddle, the cost of this bridle is  139,-  Separately 150


Below an overview of the available standard color combinations.


Tietse 428 was photographed by Hilda Koopmans, Horse in Portrait


Black                                                           Black with white trim                               


 TC Brown                                                                 TC Black with London trim





Black with London trim                                                Black with Blue trim




Black with white trim                                                   Black with red trim











TC Double Bridle     Is also available in the colors above!


THE T.C. Double Bridle is absolutely top of its class. There is not a Better, more beautiful, luxurious one that exists!

Top quality leather. Broad padded nose band, with a single loop behind the ears. All possible fasteners ave been replaced by sameur fence therefore also the two supports. This TC Double Bridle is available  in 4 different  colors to match your TC saddles.

If ordered at same time as saddle, the price is for the TC Double Bridle is: 199,-




TC Headstall


Elegant sleek headstall made just for the Friesian Horse.

Made of durable leathers. Emphasizes the splendid outlines of the head of your Friesian horse. The price  50,-


















Beautiful Luxurious Leather Halter w/London trim  55.-




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