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BPS Stallion Keuring 2011 

Saturday, March 5 last . organized the annual information received our herd book. The beautiful location of Stalhouderij The Vliers Valleys there was re-energized. There have been 14 stallions specified from four different countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. Also the public interest was well above expectation. "Our organization lives", said our President Mr. Lammert Heida the public. The jury consisted of four persons: chief inspector Mr.. Gerrit Stelwagen, inspector Mr.. Zwiers, from the sports commission,  Ms Marjoram Betten De Jong and prospective juror Geertje of the Van Veen.

Last year only  XX and FB stallions were entered, but now this year were entered  four stallions to be inspected that qualify for our breeding goals.  In the class XX (horses without Frisian blood) had nine stallions logged in. In the class FB (horses with Friesian blood but not Pinto) was declared a stallion. In the class BP (desired Black & White Pinto and at least 25% Friesian blood) were four horses. At 8.30 the stallions were measured by Gerrit Stelwagen. All stallions met the minimum height of 158cm.  Also, all  stallion hairs were drawn for DNA research. At 9.00 a.m. on the street was the first stallions that were assessed in the walk, racial type, movement and quality of lets. Conformation was also part of the examination already taken into account. All stallions were redirected to the second visit, some of the stallions were given a note but were redirected to the cage. At 10.15 AM  started with the presentation in the cage. 

Left to Right:  Mr. A. Zwier, Mr. G. Stelwagen and 

 Ms. G. v.d. Veen

The stallions were led into the cage and were walked  around the cage with their handlers.  After a round, the stallions were let off lead and allowed to run "at Liberty" .  During this time the Jury made notes about the stallions in the free movement at the trot and canter.  The stallions were then caught by their handlers  Some stallions were very happy and had a lot of energy. These stallions was given extra time to calm down to go into more relaxed gaits for proper assessment by the Jury.

The jury can judge  a quiet and relaxed trot and a canter more accurately. . After  all stallions were presented in their group, it was directly stated  whether or not a stallion was to continue onto the 3rd round. If a stallion does not continue to the third round, then it  was clearly explained to the public by the chief inspector to the owners the critique of the stallion. . The stallions that were asked to come back for the 3rd round, were required an examination by the onsite  veterinarian Geert Weggemans.

There were a total of 4 stallions approved, two in the class XX and two in the class BP. In order to qualify for the BPS approval/license,  a stallion must get at least 44 points on six parts. The stallion may not present inadequate movement. The stallions from the class XX receive a breeding license of 50 mares per year for the first three years. The stallions within our Breeding goals may unlimited cover the first three years. One can also be a Ster stallion within our stud book t/m 2015 and receive a breeding license for so many foals per year. The stallion should have achieved a minimum of 40 points. Within three years, both the approved stallions may be inspected for star offspring.

For the approved stallions must be inspected at least 20 progeny which at least 50% achieve a second premium. Of the Star stallions must be inspected at least five offspring or 20% of the number of mares covered. The stallions must also make a IBOP test with a positive result. For the dressage a stallion must achieve at least 60 points and a minimum of 45 points for a driving test.

Approved in the class XX were the stallions  Bon A 'Parte'  and Dylon. Peter and Paul were in the class BP approved. Star was the stallion Rieuwerd-Jack of C. Crown from Edam in the class XX with 40 points. In the class FB was Coos fan Groot Malckenhorst of T. Van Herwaarden in Terschuur star with 42 points. In the class BP were the stallions Lottie and Harry Star.

Comments from Gerrit Stelwagen:  

This is  a relatively small association but with very enthusiastic/active members and I would prefer to approve each stallion;  but unfortunately this was not possible. The jury are in agreement on the judging in this inspection. The new approved stallions are of very good quality. We have given each stallion the opportunity to prove themselves. The stallions that have now been given a breeding license deserve a chance in our breeding. I think that the stallions owners and the public are  clearly going in the direction in which we  see our future. We have also as the  jury corps,  very much enjoyed the IBOP presentation of the stallion "Cool Willow Spring". The stallion is a very good example for our Breeding ideals.

Approved Breeding Stallion in  BP stamboek:

Peter BP 04 - (Willem van Nassau X Hearke 254)

Owner:  Stallion Station De Voorsprong, Lheebroek, Netherlands

Peter is a stallion with a very good pedigree. His dam is the mother of the foal champion of 2010. He has  75% Friesian blood. A stallion with much Friesian/racial type and  Expression, He has a very good walk with great sensitivity and beautiful by the body and the movement has plenty of power from the hind gait. He runs a little on the forehand. The gallop is sufficient ;but miss something on the forehand.   

Height: 162 cm




Racial Type


Leg Quality