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Keuring Tsjechi 2010

Champion Foal and Day Show Champion Tjeche 2010.


The first keuring of the BarockPinto studbook in Czechoslovakia was a success!!.


Beginning of 2010 we received a request from Gabriella that the interests of our association in Tjeche catered to where there is sufficient participation to organise an inspection. At the moment we have 23 active members (breeders) in Tjeche. In total, there are 27 horses tested, of which 4 stallions for approval, 6 yearling and 17 foals and mares. It was a very successful Keuring/testing with many enthusiastic people and many visitors. After the inspection is a meeting arranged for people who have questions about our Studbook.

The report: on Friday morning we are, Mr. Gerrit Stelwagen (Chief Inspector) and Mr. A. Wemmenhove (Board Member) have moved from our office in Diever to Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. After a flight of more than 1.5 hours we were in Prague where we hospitable received by Gabriella. We traveled to Prague - testing location in Verice (about an hour from Prague) During our drive, we learned of many beautiful historic sights and had a hearty lunch where we discussed the keuring program for tomorrow.  

After a good night's sleep in a cozy pension in the middle of nowhere we ended up with a hearty breakfast offered by the owners of the pension. At 8 a.m. we were picked up by Gabriella in order to prepare for the inspection

There were even people from Slovakia to the verification arrived (8 hours drive) in order to have their horse. There were also people from Dreesden (Germany) are present. At 9 a.m. we began with the approve of the horses on the hard. This was done for the street in the village. Every now and then we had to wait for the traffic. The movement was also now and then just wait for us. It is unique in that you can adopt as horses. Simpler is not the case.

For the foals was Deny od Blch Skal a 1ST premium. Deny od Blch skali is a protg of the stallion from a merrie of Comanche Abgotts Mintse 384. This veulen Frisian is 50 % and achieved 43 points. In the jaarlingen and tweejarigen rka was only a 1ST premium.



There were 17 mares judged and of them 8 mares were awarded Star; 3 mares had a 1st premium.  And so one provisional Elite. 8 Mares were included in the studbook. There could not be incorporated 1 mare who had improper movement.  

Foto links. Deelnemer uit Slowakije.

With the stallions was 1 stallion final approval. It is the stallion Abgotts Comanche. This ruthless 23 year-old stallion has a very well kept. He was both the hand under the saddle as presented. It is approved in several books, as well as the stallion Rugal Bernstein earned 42.5 points and were approved. It is a very typey stallion with much quality and very good movement, both stallions are registered in the class XX. For more info on these stallions go to the Stallions page of approved stallions.

Abgotts Comanche

After a long successful keurings dau was Deny od Blch Skal champion was named General of the Czech Republic 2010. It is nice to see that this 50% cross Friesian was also the best of the day. After 27 various differences between breeds horses tested to show that the cross of the  Warmblood X Friesian the most complete horse of the day.


We hope in  2011 we see another n successful keuring.

For more photos and results you can go to the website of our daughter BPS in Czechoslovakia