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(Teeuwis 389 x Nanno x Oege-Pref)

(Teeuwis Teeuwis3.jpg (101222 bytes) x Nanno Nannorn.jpg (11590 bytes) x Oege-Preferent)


Star Mare Full Pedigree 

Out of a 1st P Dam and 1st Premium (going Preferent) Grand Dam

DOB:  5.01.2006               Inbreeding:   4.1%

Line 10 -tall breeding lines-- 

 Generations full pedigree  

S, S3, S+P5, S3, M+P, M+P6, S, M, 


2006 FHANA tall Star mare sired by  Teeuwis 389 who  is 1st Premium Stallion 

& approved on offspring, 

Champ bloodlines, dressage, halter or Saddleseat, 

this one is a winner in the arena or breeding barn. 

Very Rare Stamline 10-judges are looking for approved stallions out of this line,

 is why they considered her 1/2 brother.

 Verona has the conformation, charisma and credentials to be the mother of an approved stallion--

good producing bloodlines and this one is proven! 

She is a Black Arabian Stallion in Friesian disguise! 

Full Pedigree, Ln 10

Bred to approved BPS Pinto Friesian: PETER BP04 for late 2016 4peter.jpg (273144 bytes)

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