Excalibur's Black Tie Friesians


  "PETER   -BPS 04"

The only credibly DNA approved  Pinto  Friesian at STUD in North America !

At Stud:    $1250/Studfee/incl 1st shipment/LPFG



( Willem (KWPN) x Hearke-P  (FPS) x Tamme (FPS))


2008 Double Registered 75% Pinto Friesian Stallion 


Registered with Barock Pinto Studbook and the KWPN Dutch Warmblood registry


           16.3 h;  dob: 5.20.2008    DNA parentage verified.        

       Online Video:    



 Approved STALLION  for the highly credible Pinto Friesian Registry:  Barock Pinto Studbook










    Click here for Peter's foal page:

Full sister, 1st Premium and Champion at the BPS central keuring in 2010. !

 (just like Friesians, foal coat can often be brown with its porous properties, but turns black with first shedding)


Registered 75% Friesian Pintos -Should mature into  Tall long legged super sport horses with tons of hair! 

They are DNA proven with proven lineage for 10 generations back. 

 Don't be fooled with fake pedigrees.  

Tuxedo Friesians with all the Front stepping Feathered Finery, Friesian Charisma and Friesian work ethic, 

enhanced with a splash of color and the strengthen lung and legs of a true sport horse.

This is the re birth of an old breed--jump on board to recapture this rare almost extinct breed......


Sire:  Willem van  Nassau-- Triple- registered approved Pinto Friesian breeding stallion.




See my Sire- Willem's in-hand video :  Click here! 

See Willem in Grand Prix dressage show below:


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