From our Dutch Private Reserve.......

Bosa Nova "Baby "TCB

(Jisse x Tsjerk-Pref x Oege -Pref )

 Line 50 Full Pedigree 2016 filly 

Out of 1st P Prov Krown N. CA Champ mare -

fabulous breeding genes!

 Birth date: 4-30-2016    Line 50;        should mature to 16.3 -17 hds

8 generations of top heavy "Blue Blood" breeding genes-- difficult to find in Holland and USA.

Star, S+P8, M+P6; M+P4; S+P4; S+P4, M+P4; Preferent -5

Keuring Motherline designations: 

vb                 =     Foalbook mare, not entered into registry for breeding

Stbk              =     Studbook -- average mare recognized into registry for breeding

 S                  =     Star -- only 20% of mares make Star (automatically 2nd Premium)

                           -1st Premium Star - 5-10% may make 1st Premium

Prov Krown    =     1st Premium, pass IBOP test to permanent Krown

K                   =     Krown Mare, has passed IBOP test of driving or dressage

M                  =     Model mare -Top 1% of mares, has passed IBOP test, had a foal

P5                 =     Preferent status, a mare has had 4 star offspring; number denotes how many stars she has  



Motherline 50, best Friesian breeding lines;

8 generations of non-stop Preferents to the beginning of the line; 9 generations of Star+!

Blue/Black with curls in the mane and even feathers. She is refined
with long legs, graceful neck, beautiful sculpted head and high 
stepping floating motion. And boy is she spicey and bouncy.
Plush tail, fancy bellbottom feathers, full  thick mane
"Preferent motherline that money often cannot even buy"

Sweet character; Tons of hair from the Tsjerk Mother and Jasper father lines. 

Her foals will be Stallion Candidates Extraordinaire!

This is an unreal Opportunity for anyone in the USA to own 

Star/Model MARE Candidate- Intelligence, Attitude &  Elegance

Line 50 from the highly rare & coveted Fuche va de Felde Dutch lines:

out of an amazing halter showmanship

pedigree - the bluff, the snort, knees to nose,

hocks to tail, mile off the ground, wow, jaw dropping

sleek black mesmerizing one horse show!!!!!!



Dam:  1st Premium Prov. Krown Mare-N. CA 2010 Champion:


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